Department of Cooperatives (DOC) monitoring



Dir. U Myo Aung conferring with PF and CDA


Director U Myo Aung, a senior officer of the Department of Cooperatives based in Nay Pyi Taw visited the Project office in Hpa-an and conferred with PF and CDA. The visit was part of the monitoring activities of the DOC with its partner institutions. Director U Myo Aung was accompanied by U Hsan Aung, Kayin State Cooperative Officer and U Lin Khaing, Chairperson of the Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS) in Hlaing-bwe Township.



U Hsan Aung, Kayin State Cooperative Officer; Dir. U Myo Aung and wife; Dr. Than Naing, CDA Program Manager; Daw Myo Myo Htun, PF NTC for Cooperatives; and, U Lin Khaing, chairperson, Hlaing-bwe UCS


The new government decided to trim down the number of ministries resulting to the dissolution of the Ministry of Cooperatives and its departments merged with the Ministry of Commerce. The visit of the DOC officials and UCS representative was timely as the Project was preparing for the launching of the BYTM cooperative in May 11 and the holding of a national conference on June 2-3, 2016.


Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Conducted



Mr. David Coombs discussing with PF and CDA staff during the conduct of ROM


The Project was selected as one of the EU-assisted projects to be covered by a results oriented monitoring (ROM) review mission.  The briefing document described it as,

“The ROM methodology is based on the logical framework and assesses project performance according to four of the five standard criteria of 1) Relevance, including intervention logic and quality of project design; 2) Efficiency of implementation to date; 3) Effectiveness to date; and 4) (Potential) sustainability.”



Visit in one of the enterprise demonstration farms


Mr. David Coombs,  EU consultant and ROM specialist, conducted the evaluation on February 29-March 5, 2016. He met with the stakeholders particularly CDA, Kayin State Cooperative Office, Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS), Bawa Yae Thouk Myint Cooperative and leaders of selected savings groups.  He visited 4 villages and some demonstration farms and enterprises during the review mission.


$14,500 pooled savings in 4 months

Village Mobilizers of the Project formed savings groups in April and by the end of the month of July, there were now 83 groups with a combined membership of 807 individuals. The groups were also able to mobilize 14,501,000. Kyats ($14,000.) or an average of 17,969. Kyats per member.


Myo Myo Htun, PF National Technical Consultant, assisting leaders of savings groups during registration

The leaders shared details about their savings groups during the consolidation session held last July 24, 2015 at the Aung San Conference Center at Hlaing-bwe Township. It was attended by 120 leaders who braved the rainy day to attend the first meeting of all savings group from the 34 villages taking part in the Project.

IMG_20150724_112005Participants to the IGCT  session

Participation of the leaders were generated by asking them to write in cards and posting them in the walls of the conference center. Some of the leaders struggled in writing in cards but were excited to see information about how other groups are doing in their savings mobilization. For some leaders this is the first time for them to attend session using participatory process.


Leaders of savings group preparing information of their groups for posting

Savings groups with the highest amount of savings were also recognized. The top five savings groups included the following:

Village                               Savings group                        Total savings
A Htet Yae Pu                  San Thit Aung                              800,000.MMK
Ma Ae                                Pan Khin Lan                               500,000. MMK
Kwat Myat Gyi                 Ywar Thar Aye                             480,000. MMK
Tar Baung Kone              Shwe Lin Yaung                           420,000. MMK
Win Sein                           Yie Man Chat Pang Taing          400,000.MMK



Gallery walk: reviewing the performance of other groups

The leaders of the savings groups were also informed of the project component on the modeling of enterprises. Selected agricultural products and non-agri activities will be pilot tested in the villages to determine the feasibility of the enterprises. This will enable the cooperative to narrow-down the economic activities it will finance once it starts its lending operation.

????????????????Saw Hein Htet Win, PF National Technical Consultant discussing the problems identified in managing savings groups.

Motorcycles turned-over to the Kayin Cooperative Office


Jay Supetran, PF Program Manager turning over the documents to U Htay Myint Aung, head of Kayin State Cooperative Office; U Myint Aye, head of Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS); U Hein Sis Kyaw, Hlaing-bwe Cooperative Office 

PlaNet Finance turned over last June 30, five (5) motorcycles to various partners in the Project: two units to the Kayin State Cooperative Office, two units to the Hlaing-Bwe Township Cooperative Office, and one unit to the Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS). The motorcycles will be used by the field staff of the partners in monitoring field activities conducted by the Project.


U Htay Myint Aung, head of Kayin State Cooperative expressed gratitude to the material support and appreciation to the initial results of the Project in the villages. A planning workshop will be held on the second week of July to coordinate the activities of the Project field staff and the monitoring by the Kayin Cooperative Office. It will also include discussions on the reporting requirements to be submitted to the Kayin State government and the head office of the Ministry of Cooperatives.