The basic savings mobilization tool was used to motivate people to save and pool their savings in informal and small groups in the villages. Since the formation started in April 2015, more than a hundred savings groups were formed in the 33 villages covered by the Project, mobilizing almost $50,000 savings. Of the total savings, more than $10,000 were already transformed as share capital to the Bawa Yay Thauk Myit Cooperative (BYTM) .

With the launching of the BYTM Cooperative and its positioning as the financial intermediary in Hlaing-bwe Township, the capacity of the cooperative to be the depository of savings in the villages of the Township was enhanced. The Training on Member-Savings Operation (MSO) was conducted last May 25-27, 2016  to enable the cooperative to provide savings services where members can deposit and withdraw money during business hours.

The MSO is a system that makes the cooperative function like a bank. Members can deposit their money for safekeeping at the cooperative and withdraw whenever they need it. They  will not be bothered with their stash of cash hidden in their homes with the cooperative providing easy access to their money.

To enable the cooperative to handle the complexities of daily deposits and withdrawals, the topics covered the following: systems and procedures together with the forms to be used, the required accounting system, office lay-out and security, pricing of savings products, computing the average daily balance (ADB) which is the basis for imputing interest rate on savings, managing liquidity reserve and the funds inflow-outflow management (FIOM) to monitor the movement of cash.



Training on Basic Cooperative Financial Management


Participants to the training listening to a presentation

As part of the series of Cooperative Formation Courses (CFC), the Training on Basic Cooperative Financial Management was conducted last March 30, 31 and April 1. It was attended by thirty-five participants from the officers and staff of the Bawa Yae Touk Myit Cooperative, CDA staff and officers of its civil society organizations (CSO) partners and the officers and staff of Union Cooperative Syndicates (UCS) both at the state and township level.


Group dynamics and structured learning exercises (SLE)

The topics covered in the training included basic management, budgeting, business planning, financial recording and review of the lending process.


Participant receiving certificate of participation

Three newly-hired staff of the cooperative participated in the training as part also of the preparation for the launching of the cooperative and the start of the lending operations. An office at the Hlaing-bwe Township was selected and is undergoing repairs and upgrading. The launching was agreed to be held on May 11.


Class picture