Prizes for winners of savings mobilization raffle draw


Raffle winners during the culmination of savings mobilization campaign


Bawa Yay Thauk Myit Cooperative introduced its savings mobilization program last November 2016, offering regular savings and time deposit savings products to its members. Members can deposit their money to the cooperative for safekeeping, earning a modest interest of 8% per annum for a regular savings deposit and a slightly higher interest rate for the time deposit.

The program was launched with a raffle to give incentive to the members offering a brand new cellphone for the first prize; a 24-inch TV for the second prize; and 10 shares of stocks for the third prize. The campaign culminated in January 30, 2017, mobilizing 3.7 million Kyats (US$2,740.) from 64 depositors.  The savings services of the cooperative are expected to pick-up as people in the community start to appreciate the role of the cooperative in improving their lives.