Focus on the improvement of members

img_9170Participants role-playing the conduct of Cooperative Membership Education Seminar (CMES)

Twenty-seven participants attended the Training Course on Cooperative Membership Development Course conducted on September 21-23, 2016 at the Mibamyita Hotel. The course is the last in the series of Cooperative Formation Courses (CFC) designed to equip leaders and the staffs of the cooperative on the basic knowledge and skills of cooperative operations. The course is aimed at developing information and education materials that can be used to provide continuous cooperative education to its members. One of the expected outputs is the formulation of a Cooperative Membership Education Seminar (CMES).


Resource Person Edwin Peraz  facilitating a session, assisted by NTC Myo Myo Htun

The CMES is the basic course given to applicants for membership. It contains topics on the general principles and practices of cooperatives, history of the cooperative movement, basic statistics on the status of the cooperative and the programs and services it is providing. The formulation of CMES is an essential part of the cooperative’s membership expansion program as new members from outside existing savings groups are now being accepted.


Class picture


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