Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Conducted



Mr. David Coombs discussing with PF and CDA staff during the conduct of ROM


The Project was selected as one of the EU-assisted projects to be covered by a results oriented monitoring (ROM) review mission.  The briefing document described it as,

“The ROM methodology is based on the logical framework and assesses project performance according to four of the five standard criteria of 1) Relevance, including intervention logic and quality of project design; 2) Efficiency of implementation to date; 3) Effectiveness to date; and 4) (Potential) sustainability.”



Visit in one of the enterprise demonstration farms


Mr. David Coombs,  EU consultant and ROM specialist, conducted the evaluation on February 29-March 5, 2016. He met with the stakeholders particularly CDA, Kayin State Cooperative Office, Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS), Bawa Yae Thouk Myint Cooperative and leaders of selected savings groups.  He visited 4 villages and some demonstration farms and enterprises during the review mission.