Developing models for sustainable rural enterprises

The Project released K7.5 million in support to five enterprises implemented as demonstration activities. Production of selected agricultural commodities and non-agricultural enterprises will be done in the Project area to check on the most profitable economic activities to be supported.


Representatives of groups signing the agreement and receiving the funds and certificates of participation.

Demonstration activities will focus on those with substantial market demand and good price that will provide significant margin for farmers and entrepreneurs. The support from the Project will represent the amount that can be borrowed from the cooperative. From the different agricultural and non-agri demonstration activities, ten (10) most profitable and most relevant economic activities will be selected as models for the cooperative to prioritize in financing. Farmers and entrepreneurs can continue with the production of the commodity or the enterprise they are doing by accessing loans from the cooperative.


The mushroom demonstration farm in Daing Pya village

Farmers or entrepreneurs who took part and are successful in the modeling of the economic activities will be trained to become local resource persons. They will be the trainors who will teach other people in the Project area interested in venturing into the commodity production or enterprise.


Other economic activities: Ginger production and rubber processing

At present, demonstration farm for the production of mushroom, poultry and hogs were already established including enterprises such as garments trading and concrete products. Saw Hein Thet Win, NTC for Enterprise Development is supervising the studies on other commodities such as ginger, turmeric, sesame, peanuts and eggs. Consultations with other saving groups in the villages are continuously being done to identify other economic activities to be included in the modeling exercise.


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