TOT on Cooperative Formation


Schedule of topics and sessions during the training

A total of 16 participants attended the Training of Trainors (TOT) on Cooperative Formation last October 5-8 at the PF office in Hpa-an, Kayin State. The main subjects covered in the training included leadership and governance, operations management (savings and lending), accounting and auditing and membership education. The staff of Community Development Association (CDA) needed to appreciate and familiarize the subjects for them to be effective in assisting the institutional development of the cooperative. It is envisioned that the cooperative will be a model in terms of its structure, efficient operations and services relevant to its members.


Connie Hina, Project Technical Advisor distributing certificates of participation

Cooperative registration is the third stage in the development framework used by PF in the Project. The first stage is savings group formation which started in April. In July, three months after the first savings groups were formed, the consolidation stage was started to acquaint the groups with those coming from other villages. By the end of September, there were now 99 savings groups with total members of 1,077 and $34,000 savings. There is enough critical mass to move towards the third stage – cooperative formation and registration.


Class picture

The training emphasized the various principles and elements of cooperatives and the policies of the Ministry of Cooperatives in particular. An audio-visual presentation showing the development of the Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative in the Philippines generated interest from the participants as it relates with the situation in Hlaing-bwe Township. Poverty in the midst of rich natural resources and the efforts of the people in uplifting their economic condition.


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