August updates: Sustaining savings mobilization momentum

IMG_4802Savings group leaders sharing information  during the consolidation meeting last August 28

The consolidation meeting held last August 28, 2015 showed an increasing trend in the amount of savings. Total savings amounted to US$21,182., a 46% increase from last month’s savings at US$14,500., even with only 79 savings groups present during the meeting.

The number of new savings groups formed slowed down due to the continuous monsoon rain that made most villages inaccessible and scheduled community meetings canceled. Five savings groups were added to the list of existing groups for the month, with no report of savings group dissolved during the same period.


Leaders  interact with other groups and share experiences  in managing savings and lending activities

The consolidation meeting also was the opportunity to announce the start of demonstration activities for enterprise development. Fifteen villages will start with the demonstration activities of selected cash crops and non-agricultural enterprises. The demonstration will enable the Project to document and design loan products that will be financed by the cooperatives that will be registered in October 2015. A set of developed loan products will allow the cooperative to manage the risks related to financing rural economic activities.


Gallery of  information on the status of savings groups

Technical staff from PF and CDA will conduct value chain analysis (VCA) of the agricultural commodities that will be identified for demonstration to determine the most efficient way of generating more income. This will complement the farm systems analysis conducted earlier to determine the


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