Training on savings group consolidation completed

As part of the second stage of cooperative formation, the Training of Trainors on Informal Group Consolidation Technique (IGCT) was conducted on July 27-29, 2015 at the Project office in Hpa-an, Kayin State. The consolidation process was started with the attainment of the critical mass of 83 savings groups formed with total 807 members, representing 40% of the total target participants.

IMG_4664Facilitator Edwin Peraz stressing a point during one of the small group sessions

CDA together with representatives from the Kayin Cooperative Office, Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS) and PlaNet Finance comprised the 18 participants. Jay P. Supetran, PF Progam Manager and Edwin A. Peraz, Senior Consultant for Rural and Agricultural Microfinance of the Project were the resource persons and facilitators in the training.

IMG_4615Participants reviewed the IGCT session using participatory methods

The topics discussed in the training included the following:
– review of the cooperative development framework;
– review of the results of savings group formation activities for the past four months;
– inputs on the concept of consolidation and the conduct of IGCT; and,
– inputs on the enterprise modeling activities to be implemented starting August.

IMG_4631Icebreaker to break the monotony and perk up energy in-between sessions

The field teams of CDA drafted a plan for the continuing formation of groups using the Rapid Savings Mobilization Technique (RSMT) and the conduct of the second IGCT session by the end of August. Included in the plan are 5 village-level meetings where the first set of enterprise modeling will be implemented.

IMG_4751Class picture



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