Motorcycles turned-over to the Kayin Cooperative Office


Jay Supetran, PF Program Manager turning over the documents to U Htay Myint Aung, head of Kayin State Cooperative Office; U Myint Aye, head of Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS); U Hein Sis Kyaw, Hlaing-bwe Cooperative Office 

PlaNet Finance turned over last June 30, five (5) motorcycles to various partners in the Project: two units to the Kayin State Cooperative Office, two units to the Hlaing-Bwe Township Cooperative Office, and one unit to the Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS). The motorcycles will be used by the field staff of the partners in monitoring field activities conducted by the Project.


U Htay Myint Aung, head of Kayin State Cooperative expressed gratitude to the material support and appreciation to the initial results of the Project in the villages. A planning workshop will be held on the second week of July to coordinate the activities of the Project field staff and the monitoring by the Kayin Cooperative Office. It will also include discussions on the reporting requirements to be submitted to the Kayin State government and the head office of the Ministry of Cooperatives.


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