Project M&E installation on-going


Veronica Vergani, Prof. Davide Castellani, Prof. Laura Vigano’ and Giampaolo Bonomi from the University of Bergamo, Italy

A team of experts from the Finance and Development Group (FinDev) of the University of Bergamo in Italy arrived last May 9, 2015 to set-up the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system of the Project. The team is composed of Senior Consultant Laura Vigano’(Full Professor of Banking); Junior Consultant Davide Castellani (Adjunct Professor of Banking); Assistant Staff Veronica Vergani (Research Fellow); and Giampaolo Bonomi, Research Volunteer. The team is supported by Myo Myo Htun, PF Consultant on Cooperatives Development.


Prof. Davide Castellani explaining during the training for  baseline data survey team.

The first mission of the team is to set up the baseline data of the Project. The activities consists of developing the survey tool for generating the baseline data and the tool for regular monitoring.

The succeeding missions of the team is  focused on ensuring that the regular monitoring is being conducted and the analysis of data generated. At the end of the Project, the team will also conduct the impact study to look at the results attained and its impact to the people directly and indirectly participating in the Project.


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