First year activities

First year activities were focused on preparations as the negotiations for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Cooperatives was on-going. Office set-up was completed together with the orientation sessions with the Ministry of Cooperatives, the Kayin State authorities the Hlaing-bwe township authorities and the 35 villages selected for the Project.

???????????????????????????????Project orientation with the Kayin State local government

orientvProject orientation with the heads of villages in Hlaing-bwe township

A series of training activities were conducted participated by the CDA, the Kayin Cooperative Office and the local unit of the Union of Cooperative Syndicates (UCS).

???????????????????????????????Training on Participatory Rapid Rural Appraisal (PRRA)

coop trngParticipants to the Cooperative formation training

Coordination with other development agencies and networks were also initiated. PF participated in seminars and fora organized by the Livelihood Trust Fund (LIFT), International Finance Corporation (IFC), UNDP Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and other Myanmar-based institutions. PF also hosted a meeting of the Microfinance Working Group (MFWG).

As part of the research activities, the Participatory Rapid Rural Appraisal (PRRA) of the Project areas were conducted and completed in January 2015. A value chain analysis on the rice industry in Hlaing-bwe was also completed with the assistance of the ESSEC Business School based in Singapore.

prraSocial research using PRRA tools at the village level.


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